lunes, 12 de diciembre de 2011

My life in these days…

My life in these days…..
Until  three weeks enter to University , after the six months approximately  of stop, for my had been very difficult  connect back to classes, this bi-semester,  I have  six  subjects ; land, urban planning,  analysis and environmental  assessment, watershed management, geographic problem of Chile II and English IV. I have heavy academic load, I should strive for not repeat no subject.  I want that time pass very fast.
My personal life begins when arrive at my home, always I do cleanliness for all house, I like it do, I care for my nieces, they are twin are very restless. I am live with my parents, my two sisters and my nieces.  Always see my boyfriend, I love so much he is called Sebastian.
In my free time I play football, I loved.  Also I always go to the stadium to see the team's biggest Chile Colo-Colo,   I hope this year gets the thirteenth cup. Also I enjoy reading novels especially, about travel and adventures such as Marco Polo. Sometimes with my boyfriend go to the cinema, we like the action movies such as “Captain America” , “Thor”, “Iron man” etc..
For next year I wish I was working as a geography, make money, I hope live alone, I have a house and grow as a professional.

lunes, 5 de diciembre de 2011

my neighboorhood

My neighborhood  Is called Villa Portales is located in the commune of Estacion Central , is near of university of Santiago for  the south, for the north borders  Base naval (marines). For the west borders Highway Center and for the east with Meteorological Base (university of Santiago).
In the villa there are 19 blocks and very homes, also there are squares,  two fields, and have one church, one  kindergarten (Junji). There is bakery and many kioskos.
The neighborhood  have many services  and equipment around the such as mall Plaza Alameda, banks (bank of Chile, Santander, Bci etc), there are two supermarket  ( I always buy , Lider) one medical centre, university of Santiago, Pharmacy  ( cruz verde, salco brand, doc simi etc) , there are librarys.
The transportation  is very good and  accessible because I live very near the Alameda and subway I can walk go to  there, I take five to ten minutes to get. Where I live is place centrico.
The pollutions in my villa is regular, because the trash is removed daily for garbage collector, is not problem but it is a problem the pollution for gases released from cars, noise pollution by the amount of vehicles that pass through my home is annoying!
i like where live

martes, 24 de mayo de 2011

My passion

The football is the most popular sports around the world

The football is my favourite sports, practice from little althouhg never went to football school, when i was a child playing in the street or too in dirt court with my friends, all they were men also playing girls but were few. My position favourite is to be defense   because my paper is not let that anyone pass  the other player, i like because i run so much, i give the ball and play in team! i enjoy very  much this sport i loved it. The true I don´t know how i be came such a  fan of the football , because anyone of my family is fan of this sports, i can´t explain to me, until my father is not fan :( well no matter.

In the national football i like the team  Colo-Colo i loved because is the most popular team of Chile has winner one coup Libertadores of America in the year 1990, twenty nine National Championship in your power!! .Until trhee years i go to the stadium for see to Colo-Colo. I go to the gallery, there is "The famous and Glorious Garra Blanca" in that part of the stadium all the people has that sing or encourage to team. is very spectacular when they playing with important teams.

Now i´m playing in the team of the Faculty (FAU) always wanted playing int he university but i don´t have opportunity of  i do after, Now i´m very happy!!

viernes, 20 de mayo de 2011


In Latin-American there are many profiles of stereotypes for example the Peruvian are dirty, how we refer to them is very demeaning, for we the Chilean the argentines are very arrogant and very “cancheros”. The Brazilians are so sexy, good for play football and friendly.

I think there are stereotypes between countries because everyone have different things such as attitudes, customs, habits, different lifestyle.

In Chile there are a lot stereotypes for example the typical Flaite is the person that hears music specifically reggeton, cumbia, etc to all volume in the bus, metro or on the street, also is associated with the criminal world, also to form as how they dress his your haircut( similar to Daddy Yankee). In second place are the Pelolais are people who want to look or seem or are upper-class country, have long hair or smooth and wear expensive clothes. Also are Hippies usually are people of high class and wear as poor. Fourth is Roto Chilean is the character typical Chilean that like dance, friendly, they are good to drink and very cheerful.

I think in other contries view Chile as thieves, vicious I don’t know !!

martes, 3 de mayo de 2011

I think the best beach is...

In my blog write about of  my favourites beach......

When I was little girl, always i was to Coquimbo is a commune of the fourth region of Chile, I was with my sisters, mother and father, we enjoy very much, i have memories very nice of this place, the beach that always we visited it was La Herradura so called because it have form of concave and the waters are calm as a lagoon, when i was girl i liked swim in the sea, take sun, make sandcastle in the beachside, playing beach tennis and football. A long time since I visited this beach as two years because is very expensive to travel to Coquimbo but   do not discount travel again, the landscape is beautiful and offers a family atmosphere.

Cartagena is other of my favorite beaches because.        Long time, my boyfriend and I visited Cartagena (is in the fifth region of Valparaiso), is a very popular resort it is very cheap to be in this place, the rent of rooms,  restaurants etc. Also my boyfriend's family has there  own house jejeje. Always I going to the little beach, I  like because the waves are sometimes larges and  playing beach footfall and take sun, also Cartagena has  aheritage and cultural value, there lived the poet  Vicente Huidrobo. The last I went in the holidays of  january!!.

sábado, 30 de abril de 2011

My fIrSt CD, EvaneScenCe, Fallen

      EvaneScence, Fallen album

I had The first Cd it went Evanescence, they are group the music rock metal, their music is very dark and depressive, your vocalist is Amy lee, the only woman of the band they lead fifteen years playing together.  For eigth  year my boyfriend give me this CD but was pirated, that was his plan of conquest jajaja.I think he bought it to a friend. i liked because in this time evanescence i was my favorite band in my school days, where i spent every day  singing their songs and  dressing like them. Today their music i don´t like so much, because now i have different musical tastes, although sometimes i listen some songs. The songs that i  like, in the disco fallen are "Bring me to life", "Taking over me", "whisper" i like me because the song it have very  effect vocals and they use much the piano and orchestral instruments combined with loud guitars.The last album they released is the "Open door" of this Cd the songs that i like me are  "Cloud nine", "The only one", "Lacrymosa" and "Your Star " i still likethese songs because they remind me moments that happen in the teenage yearsandimportant moments in my life. 

lunes, 25 de abril de 2011

Correction to Marjorie

The first concert that i went was the urban festival, was in the San Carlos stadium of Apoquindo. I won the ticket in my work, for two person (ww) people and was amazing because I only wanted saw the Black Eyed Peas, I do not remember the year but I remember perfect how was, i sang and jumped all night...
The second concert that I went was Gloria Estefan, I went with my mom because she loved to Gloria, her ever dream was meet she, so I decide do the gift, the ticket for the concert, and I saw cry my mom, was a little funny.
This was in the may of 2009 and was a little awful, because we had to wait in the row from the 11 a.m. till the 9 p.m.
The last year I with my father went to Creedence in the Movistar Arena, was in the 24 of november and was great, my dad was so happy because the music, the sound, everything was perfect, they are incredible, singing same that the albums but the row was so bad, thousand of thousand of peoples waited for entry, and the exit too, was so hard exit with the car, and tired for jump and sing, was a little bad... But my dad was happy, and he told me that was a great gift for his birthday.
I can say that this was my favorite concert too...  
See you in the next  post :) !

sábado, 23 de abril de 2011

the more interesting field

Juncal Norte Glaciar is a glacier Located in Nevado Juncal of the Valparaíso Region . More Precisely it is Placed in the heading of the watershed of Aconcagua River. The trip the Juncal north was whit the objective go to know the various forms (circus, moraines, glacer table etc) features and the processes affecting to the glaciar. This it was matter we had seen in class of Glaciology.
 I went to the glacier, i don’t remember exactly the date, was in the second week of December, from Friday in the morning until the Sunday in the later.
The bus in which we traveled left us in a way, but only until he could get there. we had to walk many kilometers, about 4 to 6 km, it was very hard because there were no roads, we had to, the place had a lot of relief was not flat, it was a very extreme terrain

When we got to a place fairly close to the glacier, we set up our camp, on the second day we got up early to go to the glacier, known very beautiful scenery, there was very cold, too much walking was very tiring but very cute, I had never visited a glacier!.
In the last and third day we got up early because it started to hail and we had to dismantle the camp to avoid problems by returning to the bus!

sábado, 9 de abril de 2011

The best website for me, "is facebook"

There are many social tools to communicate such as Msn, Skipe, Google, Gmail, Blogs, Facebook etc. But for me the best social tool is Facebook! soon i will give  my reasons.

For communicate whit the other person and when i'm not have you number or have not face to face but if  you have current of facebook, i can leave one message  and she or he will watch. When i am in my house i let do  the thing of the home as i let do the beds, clean of the bathroom, clean of kitchen etc. I'm do in internet is go to facebook i see  my notifications, i see some mesagge, i have to answer them!! to see the post in my wall and play differents plays!!.

i started to use it four years ago, when enter to the university, but at first i did not use very often. Actually i use always everyday, i review the website in the late or in the night or when i can!.
I like because i can talk with my friends, I am to day whit your life that they does, I can also talk to people who are in another place or country. I can meet new people trouhg facebook. Although one must take intoaccount the people you add to your face because they have access to your profile. facebook is very funny!

miércoles, 30 de marzo de 2011

The first concert of my life "EVANESCENCE"

 Evanescence Bring me to life

Evanescence is my favorite music group in the school season and 13 de aprhil  of 2007 evanescence they were  presented show in chile by first time, im was exited because was tha first time what gone to a concert!! i had nineteen years old.
The concert was performed in Athelic Track the National Stadium in the commune of Nuñoa in Santiago of Chile, i remember was to the twenty one hours.

It was a big Show attented very people, had very chaos person unconsciousness etc. but was very good, Amy lee the singer was amezing, she have a spectacular voice and singed all songs i wanted!! yeahhhhhhhhhhhh!!.
was very crazy but is a memorie very nice.  i enjoyed and i liked  too much.

I decide go to the concert because in this time i liked so much their music an this kind of music! between rock and lyrical. Also decided to go because i have money!!. It is also important to mention that for me this event isthe only concert I've ever had in my life, at that time I worked as a salesman and the concert fell just a day's work, so I had to tell my boss that day I was not working, was because I was sick. I had to do!

Thank you!

domingo, 27 de marzo de 2011

My favorite movie


  One of my favorite movies is Pirates of the Caribbean "the curse of the black pearl"  by american  director Gore Verbinski. Is one of the four sagas of Pirates of the Caribbean, produced by Walt Disney Company.

It's story about the adventures of a pirate Jack Sparow  who looks for the black pearl. For get the  boat through for a lot situations. In this film Captain Jack Sparrow meets William Turner who falls for the Governor's daughter, Elizabeth Swan. They are joined to the cause of Sparrow in the search and recovery of Pearl having to confront the pirate Barbosa and his companions. In these circumstances is put to test the loyalty of the characters.

 The firts time saw this movie, went in the 2009, i was doing zapping and saw the move in the channel 13. i like it because is very intertaiment and show very emotion , do me laugth a lot, i never feel boring.

I prefer because it have very versatility it's dinamic, talk of people or pirates that realy existed and is very important because show places and landscape amazing. I choose this film because the characters are very engaging and fun, besides it is for all types of audience, you can do with your family! is highly recommendable.

Thank You
Bye !!

Natalia Gómez