miércoles, 30 de marzo de 2011

The first concert of my life "EVANESCENCE"

 Evanescence Bring me to life

Evanescence is my favorite music group in the school season and 13 de aprhil  of 2007 evanescence they were  presented show in chile by first time, im was exited because was tha first time what gone to a concert!! i had nineteen years old.
The concert was performed in Athelic Track the National Stadium in the commune of Nuñoa in Santiago of Chile, i remember was to the twenty one hours.

It was a big Show attented very people, had very chaos person unconsciousness etc. but was very good, Amy lee the singer was amezing, she have a spectacular voice and singed all songs i wanted!! yeahhhhhhhhhhhh!!.
was very crazy but is a memorie very nice.  i enjoyed and i liked  too much.

I decide go to the concert because in this time i liked so much their music an this kind of music! between rock and lyrical. Also decided to go because i have money!!. It is also important to mention that for me this event isthe only concert I've ever had in my life, at that time I worked as a salesman and the concert fell just a day's work, so I had to tell my boss that day I was not working, was because I was sick. I had to do!

Thank you!

domingo, 27 de marzo de 2011

My favorite movie


  One of my favorite movies is Pirates of the Caribbean "the curse of the black pearl"  by american  director Gore Verbinski. Is one of the four sagas of Pirates of the Caribbean, produced by Walt Disney Company.

It's story about the adventures of a pirate Jack Sparow  who looks for the black pearl. For get the  boat through for a lot situations. In this film Captain Jack Sparrow meets William Turner who falls for the Governor's daughter, Elizabeth Swan. They are joined to the cause of Sparrow in the search and recovery of Pearl having to confront the pirate Barbosa and his companions. In these circumstances is put to test the loyalty of the characters.

 The firts time saw this movie, went in the 2009, i was doing zapping and saw the move in the channel 13. i like it because is very intertaiment and show very emotion , do me laugth a lot, i never feel boring.

I prefer because it have very versatility it's dinamic, talk of people or pirates that realy existed and is very important because show places and landscape amazing. I choose this film because the characters are very engaging and fun, besides it is for all types of audience, you can do with your family! is highly recommendable.

Thank You
Bye !!

Natalia Gómez