viernes, 20 de mayo de 2011


In Latin-American there are many profiles of stereotypes for example the Peruvian are dirty, how we refer to them is very demeaning, for we the Chilean the argentines are very arrogant and very “cancheros”. The Brazilians are so sexy, good for play football and friendly.

I think there are stereotypes between countries because everyone have different things such as attitudes, customs, habits, different lifestyle.

In Chile there are a lot stereotypes for example the typical Flaite is the person that hears music specifically reggeton, cumbia, etc to all volume in the bus, metro or on the street, also is associated with the criminal world, also to form as how they dress his your haircut( similar to Daddy Yankee). In second place are the Pelolais are people who want to look or seem or are upper-class country, have long hair or smooth and wear expensive clothes. Also are Hippies usually are people of high class and wear as poor. Fourth is Roto Chilean is the character typical Chilean that like dance, friendly, they are good to drink and very cheerful.

I think in other contries view Chile as thieves, vicious I don’t know !!

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