martes, 24 de mayo de 2011

My passion

The football is the most popular sports around the world

The football is my favourite sports, practice from little althouhg never went to football school, when i was a child playing in the street or too in dirt court with my friends, all they were men also playing girls but were few. My position favourite is to be defense   because my paper is not let that anyone pass  the other player, i like because i run so much, i give the ball and play in team! i enjoy very  much this sport i loved it. The true I don´t know how i be came such a  fan of the football , because anyone of my family is fan of this sports, i can´t explain to me, until my father is not fan :( well no matter.

In the national football i like the team  Colo-Colo i loved because is the most popular team of Chile has winner one coup Libertadores of America in the year 1990, twenty nine National Championship in your power!! .Until trhee years i go to the stadium for see to Colo-Colo. I go to the gallery, there is "The famous and Glorious Garra Blanca" in that part of the stadium all the people has that sing or encourage to team. is very spectacular when they playing with important teams.

Now i´m playing in the team of the Faculty (FAU) always wanted playing int he university but i don´t have opportunity of  i do after, Now i´m very happy!!

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  1. you are very good in footbal , i see you play every training :)