lunes, 5 de diciembre de 2011

my neighboorhood

My neighborhood  Is called Villa Portales is located in the commune of Estacion Central , is near of university of Santiago for  the south, for the north borders  Base naval (marines). For the west borders Highway Center and for the east with Meteorological Base (university of Santiago).
In the villa there are 19 blocks and very homes, also there are squares,  two fields, and have one church, one  kindergarten (Junji). There is bakery and many kioskos.
The neighborhood  have many services  and equipment around the such as mall Plaza Alameda, banks (bank of Chile, Santander, Bci etc), there are two supermarket  ( I always buy , Lider) one medical centre, university of Santiago, Pharmacy  ( cruz verde, salco brand, doc simi etc) , there are librarys.
The transportation  is very good and  accessible because I live very near the Alameda and subway I can walk go to  there, I take five to ten minutes to get. Where I live is place centrico.
The pollutions in my villa is regular, because the trash is removed daily for garbage collector, is not problem but it is a problem the pollution for gases released from cars, noise pollution by the amount of vehicles that pass through my home is annoying!
i like where live

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