viernes, 13 de enero de 2012

"My experience on my last field trip".

My last field trip was five days ago, my classmates of "urban and regional planning" and the kind of "analysis and environmental assessment" went to the fourth region of Coquimbo, we stayed in a boarding school (mixed) in the municipality of Monte Patria located in the province of Limarí.

We leave Santiago at 23:30 pm on Wednesday and arrived in Monte Patria at 6:30 o'clock in the morning. Later we went to La Serena where we met with the teachers and Ximena Varela Carmen Cortez from the University of La Serena, they showed us part of the city of La Serena, the historical morphology (marine and river terraces), we had to know the conflicts and problems that the city is quiet due to increased population, various uses of the coastline and the lack of planning policies that do not conform to current processes. This point of view of the field of Planning. From the point of view of ambient could see that the wetland located in Coquimbo and is close to the beach Changa. Which is known as an area of ​​protection of biodiversity and the environment but the reality of this wetland is another, the very polluted (dump) and no real protection of the wetland by the municipality.

In the days after we did many things but the most interesting from my perspective was the visit to Fray Jorge National Park is very nice, a lot of biodiversity, which characterizes this environment is that it is very similar to the environment in southern Chile specifically to the forest Valdivia. We walked a lot and approximately 5 km on a slope but it was worth never before gone to visit. It's beautiful! After such a walk we went to the beach Guanaqueros also very nice, clear water but the sun was unbearable.I really liked this area because the scenery was very beautiful and we walked learned a lot.

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