lunes, 2 de enero de 2012

“People who are rich are happier tan poor people”

“People who are rich are happier tan poor people”
The money is a mean factor for our live; we can buy more things, one house, foods, clothes, shoes, a car, motorcycle, etc.  But what you can´t buy is happiness.  People who are rich can have anything they want.  But in some cases, shop around and do not have enough life to enjoy it. I think the rich sometimes are unhappier than poor people, because the people rich work more and are not much time with their children or your family, then their children not will  feel much love for his father, well they feel their absence.
Also the people rich are care of the money, spend or waste the money in anything, than time not is important.  The rich do not appreciate the little things that give life, for example do not appreciate the friendship, the love that give our families or enjoy day at day the life. The people poor not have much money is people hardworking, they appreciate everything, even the slightest. If not have money they do thing that make you happy. Always take refuge in their families.   The people rich is more superficial that poor people.
I think that money not make that happiness, sometimes the money helps a lot, because everything I buy with money, but for example the rich can buy many houses but do not share it with anyone and feel alone, however the poor have the dream of home ownership and share it with your family. In the end the  poor people think that love is the more important in your lives.

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