domingo, 22 de enero de 2012

My life for five years now

When I was five years I was in kindergarten was near from my home do not remember much because was very small but I have vague memories about a cartoon I saw in that time such as Heidi, Candy, Captain Future, etc.. From age 7 to about age 13 I liked and I still love the sport but at that time in my school practiced athletics, I competed for my school in the ladies category and won first place and got the gold medal. at the same time range as a child I was very introverted, first school was not going very well but with the weather improves and my grades went up, when I was thirteen years was in eighth grade at the time had decided that I wanted to study, wanted to study accounting in the INFESUCO then study for four years I was there, at that time I was practicing volleyball and soccer with my friends a lot of fun.

  In the middle third I realized that I liked the story and was hesitant I do not know whether to continue working as an accountant or go to university to study history. After leaving the high school I started to work to pay the monthly high school wanted to study History.

Then enter the university but studying Geography, History does not remain a PSU score because I asked a lot, plus I liked the curriculum of geography but I still liked the story. But over time I enjoyed the race thanks to the many places I have ever met who had never visited.  I also met good friends to this day I am still a little introverted, but very courageous, cheerful and I love football!

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